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Gourmet Burgers with Pistachio and Turkish Spices

One of the dishes I tried in Guixot one day and absolutely loved was the pistachio and Turkish spices burger. The big pistachios and the spices gave them a terrific flavour. I was eating and thinking: “wow, this makes me so happy”.

So I tried a homemade version this weekend.

I used: 500g minced meat beef and pork, but you can skip the pork if you don’t like it, I think it gives the burger extra sweetness.I then added a handful of roasted pistachio (peel them the moment you add them to the mix, don’t buy the ones that come without the shell, this way their flavour will be stronger).

The secret of these burgers lays in the use of good Turkish Spices. I got them from my friend Cansu (Thank you!) who bought them in Ankara, Turkey. I grind the spices right on top of the meat – the smell is incredible – you just imagine the flavour.

I then chopped finely some parsley, some green garlic and fresh cilantro. You can also add a few leaves of mint if you’re brave.

I added some salt and another handful of breadcrumbs and mixed everything until a paste was formed.

It’s a good idea to leave the meat and spices rest in the fridge for at least an hour before cooking them. This will help the meat “infuse” with the flavour of the herbs.

You can cook them on the grill or make a really fancy tasty barbecue for the ones you like most. Cook them until they turn brown outside (don’t burn them) and lose the bright pink inside.

I served them with soft buns, lingonberry jam, cream cheese and fresh lettuce.

Bon appétit!

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