1. Je suis super fan des cafés gourmands –avec macarons, mini-fondants au chocolat…-, mais je connaissais pas du tout le thé gourmand ! Je suppose qu’on le combine avec d’autres mini-desserts, non ?

    En tous cas, merci pour l’article… Ça c’est de la passion pour la cuisine !

    • foodie

      “I am a super fan of “cafe gourmand” – with macarons, mini-fondants and chocolate, but I’ve never seen the “tea gourmande” before. I suppose the mini deserts have to be different, right?

      Anyway, thanks for the article… this is the true passion for gastronomy!” Kim says.

      I didn’t know of this “cafe gourmand” afternoon habit of the French, but it sounds absolutely fantastic.

      The cafe gourmand is usually an espresso served with 3 mini desserts – perfect for when you’re full but can’t say no to cake or pie 🙂

  2. I was waiting for this post since the moment Ina told me she contacted Emilie. Thx Ina!
    I promise when i see the pictures so beautiful and inspiring that i can nearly taste all the ingredients mixed in a wonderful rainbow of the flavours. Emilie’s work is a true inspiration.

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