Emilie Griottes: The Ultimate Eye (and Tummy) Candy

“She wrote back!” I almost shouted to my fellow foodie Anna this morning over coffee. You see, a few weeks ago I had discovered the brilliant and talented Emilie Griottes, her Pantone tarts, her sugar snowed meringues and flavoured butters.

Emilie Griottes is a 26 year old Art Director and Foodie living in Paris. Her food styling skills and taste for irresistible eye candy are amazing.

I haven’t seen something this inspiring for some time now, so you can imagine my excitement this morning when Emilie emailed me with the answers to the few (shy) questions I’ve asked her.

Here is the mini-interview :

This Foodie: Who is Emilie Griottes and what does she do? 🙂

Emilie Griottes: “I am a French girl based in paris. I am artistic director, I’ve studied graphic design and I am passionate about cooking and photography!”

Your blog is delicious. You’re painting and illustrating with food. How did it all start?

“As I was doing graphic design, I always liked the relationship cooking and design. A combination of my passion and my profession! So I try to find colors and materials in each dish to make a living picture!”

We first taste a dish with the eye. Then come […] the flavors 

How important is it for you for the food you make and photograph to be tasty?

“We first taste a dish with the eye. Then comes the taste in the mouth, the flavors .. I like the idea that it is disappointed by either one or the other. It must be beautiful to look AND good; its very important! If you are disappointed, the experience will not be as intense!”

Where do you get your ideas from?

“The ideas come from everywhere! A color in the street, a moment in the subway, mouthfeel for a dish. Everything is important! Every little detail of your daily life must be observed. I attach great importance to observation. And sometimes when I sleep I dream of ideas! It’s great! Unless I forget my dreams … ;)”

Every little detail of your daily life must be observed

Apart from Fricote, I saw you started a column in Holly Becker’s Decor8, where else can we find your work?

“I work more for French or American magazines and sites! I would soon be in several places and blogs, but it’s still top secret … ;)”

What cool things are you working on/planning at the moment?

“A little weekend in Stockholm is planned for late April, it’s my leitmotiv ! Otherwise I am preparing a buffet for a birthday, and especially I work for my little Etsy shop! It’s lots of work, I will sell small items for the office! I hope you’ll like it!”

If I like it? The world can’t have enough of Emilie Griottes nowadays so This Foodie is looking forward to seeing more and more of her work.

8 Replies to “Emilie Griottes: The Ultimate Eye (and Tummy) Candy”

  1. Je suis super fan des cafés gourmands –avec macarons, mini-fondants au chocolat…-, mais je connaissais pas du tout le thé gourmand ! Je suppose qu’on le combine avec d’autres mini-desserts, non ?

    En tous cas, merci pour l’article… Ça c’est de la passion pour la cuisine !

    1. “I am a super fan of “cafe gourmand” – with macarons, mini-fondants and chocolate, but I’ve never seen the “tea gourmande” before. I suppose the mini deserts have to be different, right?

      Anyway, thanks for the article… this is the true passion for gastronomy!” Kim says.

      I didn’t know of this “cafe gourmand” afternoon habit of the French, but it sounds absolutely fantastic.

      The cafe gourmand is usually an espresso served with 3 mini desserts – perfect for when you’re full but can’t say no to cake or pie 🙂

  2. I was waiting for this post since the moment Ina told me she contacted Emilie. Thx Ina!
    I promise when i see the pictures so beautiful and inspiring that i can nearly taste all the ingredients mixed in a wonderful rainbow of the flavours. Emilie’s work is a true inspiration.

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