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7 Surprising Uses for Olive Oil [Know Your Food]

Olive oil. Pressed cold from green olives, is one of the healthiest and flavoured oils there are. You used it in salad dressings, for frying and baking low cholesterol sweets. But did you know it can be used as a green cleaner in your house or that it can replace at least three of the plastic bottles you keep in your bathroom?

image by El Aderezo - Blog de Recetas de Cocina

Shoes – Clean leather shoes with a damp cloth, then wipe them with a clean cloth on which you’ve dropped a bit of vegetable oil. Not only they will make the leather softer, but it will protect it from cracking.

Leather Jacket – The same goes for your leather jacket. Wipe clean it with a soft damp cloth, then moisturize it with another dry cloth on which you’ve put a few drops of oil.

Wood Furniture – Give your wood a good clean&shine by mixing a spoonful of sunflower oil with a teaspoon of lemon. Put it on a clean dry cloth and… wax on… wax off…

Squeaky Hinges – Unless you like that squeak-squeak sound every time you open the living-room door put a few drops of clean cooking oil on a cotton ball and press it on the hinge. Move the door until you hear – nothing.

Manicure – Expensive cuticle softening oils? Dip a q-tip in olive oil and brush your cuticles. It has the same effect. Let it sit for a few minutes before washing your hands.

Bath Scrub – Mix a handful of sugar or coarse salt with a few spoons of olive oil and massage your body before you bathe.

Hair Mask – Mix half an avocado with a spoon of honey and another one of olive oil for a quick deep conditioning mask. Wear it for a few minutes, then wash your hair normally. You could wrap your hair in a shower cap and take a bath while your hair conditions – the steam will lightly heat the mix, which will “activate” the ingredients. If you make too much, just add some balsamic vinegar and you have your vinaigrette for today’s salad.

Keep it funny, foodies : )