Salty Caramel and Chocolate Popcorn Bars

caramel popcorn ( photo by the boy who bakes)

Movie night? Popcorn? Why not try this absolutely amazing popcorn recipe from Edd Kimber, The Boy Who Bakes?

Edd suggests popping the corn (sic!) then pouring on top a caramel made with sugar, butter and salt, then adding the melted dark chocolate and cutting the popcorn into bars.

What I would do (and will do :D) is making salty popcorn, either over the stove or microwave (if you must:P), then mixing non salty caramel and forming popcorn balls only to drizzle to chocolate over the popcorn pompoms. Yum!

Can you recommend a movie?

Have Fresh Fish in the Museo Maritimo’s Restaurant

The Museo Maritimo de Barcelona Restaurant

If you’re close to Drassanes around lunch time do not even think of eating on the Ramblas. You’ll only get expensive, low quality food. Make your legs walk to the end of the Ramblas and before you reach the sea turn right towards the Museo Maritimo of Barcelona.

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When you enter the Museum courtyard turn left (don’t enter the museum) and you’ll be able to see the restaurant’s terrace.

The food is nice, not too modern, not to traditional and the lunch menu costs €10, which includes a two course menu, a drink and coffee or desert.

If you like fish, this is a great place to try some fresh salmon or codfish (bacalao in Spanish). You can ask for the fish of the day as it’s probably the freshest, bought while still moving from the Boqueria (the food market on the Ramblas, close to the metro station Liceu), but generally the fish you’ll have at the Museum Restaurant will be nice and fresh and tasty.

If you don’t like fish, they do have other options, such as steak (bistec in Spanish), pasta or soups.

I do not recommend it for lacto-ovo vegetarians or vegans as they will probably starve here.

The portions are big enough to make you feel like you’re having lunch but not as big as commonly found in other Spanish restaurants.

Desert is almost always some fruit mousse, fruit and sometimes cake. If you’re a mousse lover like I am, but don’t like it when it feels heavy and you can distinctively taste the egg, go for the cake or icecream.

Ever been to this restaurant? What did you have? What did you think of it?