Summer Homemade Pizza From Scratch

summer pizza from scratch


  • pesto or 2 handfuls of fresh basil leaves, parmesan cheese, pine nuts, salt and pepper
  • romero sauce or half a cup of almonds, a baked red pepper, salt and pepper
  • cheese to gratinate
  • pecan nuts
  • cherry tomatoes
  • mushrooms
  • feta cheese
  • pizza dough (make your own)

How to make

Spread the pizza dough into two thin shapes (depending on your baking tray). Put a thick layer of pesto, halved cherry tomatoes and cheese on one of them, and a thick layer of romero sauce, sliced mushrooms, pecan nuts and feta cheese, on the second one.

Bake on high heat (200 C) for 10-12 minutes (trust your eyes and nose!)

Sprinkle fresh parmesan cheese on top and olive oil.

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